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Deponia felt pretty empty to Rufus these days, he gazed at the sky just for a second as he walked down the junk road, off to get some food. With no real place to call home anymore he has resorted to scavenging daily to find what he needs. Sometimes he would give anything to be back in his home town, in his somewhat comfy bed, with food not too far from him.

Rufus sometimes wondered what life would be like if he never tried to leave that day, would Deponia have exploded? Is it selfish for him to wish that he was never anyone’s hero? There are days that he would give everything he had been through to be normal again; but then he remembers Goal, if he didn’t suffer through this whole ordeal, he would have never met her. The love of his life, the girl he would probably never see again.

This was the worst part of being alone; Rufus had no one to talk to but himself. Sure there were still others left on the junk planet, but no one he knew that understood his eccentric ways; no one that would accept him.

The first few months he had occupied himself with coming up with ways to get to Goal, but alas that was a short-lived endeavor. For once one of his crazy schemes wasn’t going to get him anywhere. At this post all he could do was wait and wish for the best, wish that Goal was working just as hard as he had.


“Well you see, this flying device has a 50/50 chance of working.
That’s why I-“

“I don’t care if it’s a one percent chance Doc,” Goal interjected Docs warning, “I will do anything to get back down there, absolutely anything! You do not know the ropes I would jump through for him… after all he has done for me… well he deserves to be saved if I can save him.”

“Goal if you’re really willing to sacrifice your life to get that guy back then I have no power to stop you, but-“

“Doc, with all due respect, I am not sacrificing my life to save him, I’m simply repaying him for sacrificing his in the first place.”

“Will ya please let me get my two cents in young lady!? What I’m trying ta tell you is that he might not be there.”

Goal didn’t have anything to say for this, she had tried to be so full of hope all this time. Of course she had considered that he might be gone, but she knew Rufus too well, he never truly gave up.

“I understand what you’re implying Doc, but I’m still going to take my chances. He would do the same for me.”

“Alright then, let’s get to work on this explanation.”


Outside of the lab Cletus was hiding behind a pillar, he had been listening the whole time. Goal was going to try and save Rufus, who was probably dead; but on the off side that he wasn’t, what would happen to him if Rufus was alive? Wouldn’t Goal bring Rufus back with her, but there was a problem with that scenario; Cletus was pretending to be Rufus right now. What would become of him if the real Rufus were to come back?

He had to stop this! There was no way he was going to let Goal replace him, Cletus was quite content with his life here. The question at had was, how would he stop her?
Cletus snuck away to his room as he began to plot.
I Know You're Out There- Part 2
Alright, finally the second part! yay! Ohhhhhh I wonder what Cletus is plotting? It wouldn't be part of Deponia without cletus plotting now would it! haha. Expect more later, and comments are loved guys, thanks for reading!
Rufus watched as the world began to rush towards him, it was big and blurry, his trash planet. His mind was glued to Goal as the blurry planet grew closer, he closed his eyes, ready to accept his chosen fate. He threw out his arms, as if ready to receive a hug from Goal…

Everything felt cold, what was this feeling, was it true death? Naw, Rufus knew what dying felt like and this wasn’t it, he opened his eyes. Apparently he had been lucky enough to fall into water, lucky as hell that he wasn’t dead.

Or was he really that lucky?


A whole year had passed since that day, the day he choose to die for Goal, Rufus glanced at the sky, up at Elysium as he thought of her. He wondered what she was doing, was she happy with Cletus? Were they married and starting a family? Did she really believe that he was the real Rufus? Those were questions that Rufus asked himself everyday, there wasn’t really much else to do but ask himself questions considering all the people he could call his ‘friends’ were on Elysium now and he had no one to talk to.

No Toni to nag at him for leaving the house askew, no Bozo to yell at him for doing something stupid, no Doc tinkering away at a new invention; none of them were here to keep him company, and because of that Rufus realized how much he liked their company. He realized how terrible it was to be alone.

As the lonely year had passed Rufus had found a place to stay, as close to the broken assentation station that he could be, he couldn’t let go of the small hope that one day Goal would come back for him. Or at least that’s how it used to be; now after a year of waiting, honestly, he didn’t really have any hope left.


Goal sighed as she stood outside on the balcony, looking down at Deponia. This was a daily routine for her; maybe she was hoping she would see Rufus somewhere, who knows. One thing she was certain of was the Rufus that she took with her wasn’t the right one; it was obvious that he was Cletus, but none the less he was doing a good impersonation of the real Rufus, not good enough for her though, no one would replace him.

“Oh Goalll,” called a cheerful voice from inside her bedroom. “Its time for lunch, and our meeting with the Elders is this afternoon!”

She looked behind her to see Cletus a.k.a. ‘Rufus’ waving to her, as he motioned her to come inside, when she didn’t he joined her on the balcony.

“You know he’s gone right,” Cletus said, a slightly sad note to his voice. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and gave her a half hug.

She didn’t return it.

“I just cannot believe that, I refuse to accept that as the truth. He was better than that, he was borderline immortal-,” she started to rave.

Cletus cut her off, “But that’s the thing Goal he just wasn’t immortal. Look I don’t think he would want you to stand here and sulk, you know he did what he did to save you right? To save everyone.”

Goal stepped away from his half hug and walked into her room, “Well, what are you waiting around for? We have a lunch to attend… Rufus…”

Cletus smiled lightly and followed her out the door, “Right you are my dear.”


The lunch was just about over, it was lovely as always, but as always Goal couldn’t truly enjoy it; knowing that Rufus wasn’t really with her…

“-think we might be on to something about this Deponia situation,” Goal heard one of the elders say in between bites of his sandwich. She tuned her ears in to listen; “This Deponian tinkerer that Rufus and Goal brought with them has finally found a way for us to go back to Deponia. We really need to talk to-“

Upon hearing those words Goal jumped out of her seat, muttered an “excuse me”, and promptly ran out the door.

She made her way to Doc’s lab in record time. The Elysians had given him a top notch lab to work in when they found out how brought he was, and he had been put in charge of finding a new way to Deponia. Goal had spent man days with him and Bozo, listening to them talk on and on about seemingly nothing, it was comforting in a way, sometimes they would bring up stories about Rufus that she didn’t know about; those would be nice days for her, they helped her feel a bit better, made her feel more connected to Rufus than staring out into the endless expanse of sky that Deponia sat under.

She burst into Doc’s lab and immediately asked, “How are wee going to Deponia?!”

Doc and Bozo looked up at her in surprise.

Doc cleared his throat and answered, “I have an idea for a flying machine, and it just might work.”
I Know You're Out There- Part 1
This is a continuation of the ending of Goodbye Deponia. The ending just wasn't cutting it for me, I just finished the game today and I HAD to write something to make myself feel better. If this gets enough favourites I'll continue writing it. (Part Two is up! Just go look for it on my page!!!)
Check out this awesome youtube vid for a really fun game! 
(This is the first chapter, there is a Prologue that you should read first that sets the scene. You can find it on my profile page!)

   It was before my time when the beginning of the end started. Jeremy told me all of the stories about what life was like before the fallout of the planet. There was electricity and running water, cars so you didn't have to walk, air planes that defied gravity in the sky; all of these things are only distant dreams now. Sometimes I look at a TV with its cracked screen and wonder what it was like to watch a program on it.

   None of these things exist anymore; all there is to do on this planet now is to find a safe place to stay alive. That's everyone's goal, everyone who still cares, who hasn't lost their sanity to the infection. We find a place and give it a week at most before we have to move, the only real safe place is the compound, the place where I was born.

   The compound is where the military, what's left of them, stay. They protect the families that show up there when a woman is pregnant. Whoever would want to bring a child into this forsaken battlefield is insane, but things happen now, especially since we don't really have something Jeremy called protection on this planet anymore. Anyways they go there because that's where the only hospital exists, the doctors naturally fled to the protection of the guys with big guns. Once she has the child her and her companions can live in the compound for a maximum of 5 years, so the baby is safe and can begin to learn and develop without the mother worrying about having to run; but once those five years are up they have to leave because they need the room for new families.

   My mother died giving birth to me so Jeremy, her best friend (not the father he swore to me) who was her only traveling companion was appointed my guardian. We were still allowed to stay the allotted 5 years even though my mother wasn't there so he raised me all on his own and taught me the truths of the world, never sugar-coating it.
We left the day I turned five and my birthday present was my first weapon, a pistol modified for a child.

   I really would rather not tell you all about Jeremy, no it's too soon for that; besides I need to focus, I need to get to my destination before I die.
Zone Zero: The Journey Begins
The full story so far can be found here…, if you have a figment account I would love a heart! I have decided to post the story so far piece by piece here on DA just to get it a little more out there. Comment if you like it and would love to see more of it!
Jude by MercyTwilight
This is another sketch for Jude for my story Zone Zero, you can read the story here-…
Life has gotten more clear and im starting to see people for who they really are.......well its not always pleasant to see how someone close to me has changed, its important to know the truth about them i guess.

                               yours truly


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